Big Mouth, Natalya Sergunina and Semenovich, similar to Sobyanin

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The state prosecution is completing the presentation of evidence in the Presnensky District Court of Moscow in the case of billions in bribes by ex-Colonel GUEBiPK of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation Dmitry Zakharchenko from the largest contractors of Russian Railways and the bankers servicing these contracts.

Thus, a second verdict is expected soon for Zakharchenko, and with it the billionaire, former co-owner of GK 1520 (the largest contractor of Russian Railways) Valery Markelov, who, unlike the bankers, did not have time to leave Russia.

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Dmitry Zakharchenko introduces its readers to a transcript of a fragment of a restaurant conversation between Dmitry Viktorovich Zakharchenko (Z) and co-owner of the Novoye Vremya bank, ex-husband of singer Anna Semenovich Ivan Alexandrovich Stankevich (S), which was recorded by the FSB. In it, the then-Colonel of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and a major capital cashier discuss the purchase and sale of a plant, investments of Russian billionaires, construction in Crimea and the conditions under which Russia will return the peninsula to Ukraine, as well as sanctions, prospects for the Muslimization of the country, and so on.

Ivan Stankevich

In the conversation between the law enforcement officer and the banker, famous names are heard; both were clearly familiar with these people. For example, they mention the vice-mayor of Moscow Natalya Sergunin, certain Chechen businessmen, Semenych, people whom they call Churchill and Big Mouth, the Capital Group company, Ramzan Kadyrov, Garik and Mikhailovich. There is nothing surprising here; these are all characters and heroes connected to each other.

For example, Mikhailovich Zakharchenko and Stankevich call Yunaev Avsholum Mikhailovich, a long-time partner of Stankevich and Zakharchenko. Yunaev, by the way, testified against Zakharchenko and talked about how he paid bribes to the colonel. The Yunaev clan is closely connected with both the Moscow government and Sergunina. As the telegram channel Infobomb reported, Roza Yunaeva (Aronova) is a relative of Aharon Aronov (Lazar Safaniev), the husband of Natalya Sergunina’s sister Irina, the holder of many family assets.

Avsholum Yunaev

Avsholum Yunaev

And Avsholum Yunaev’s nephew Stanislav Nasimov holds the post of deputy general director of the Fund for the Capital Repair of Apartment Buildings in Moscow.

As was the first to find out and tell its readers, formally Sergunina’s ex-husband, a native of Chechnya Movladi Natsayev, was listed in the databases of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation in Moscow in the early 2000s as a criminal contingent. And with his antics he fully confirms the similar coloring assigned to him by the operatives. And now he is a person close to the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov.

Stanislav Nasimov

Stanislav Nasimov

Sergunina is closely connected with the large Moscow developer Capital Group, one of the main co-owners of which, through Cypriot structures, is convicted businessman Pavel Tyo. In turn, Capital Group’s partner in a number of projects, including Moscow City, is businessman Gavriil Yushvavev, whom Zakharchenko and Stankevich call Garik. Yushvaev has not appeared in Russia for several years, as he fears detention in the case of the massacre in Moscow City.  

The VChK-OGPU Telegram channel said that there was a “Moscow trace” in the investigation of the Zakharchenko case. In the fall of 2018, another co-owner of GK 1520, Valery Markelov, was arrested for giving bribes to Dmitry Zakharchenko. Together with him, Zakharchenko’s lawyer, close friend and confidant Viktor Belevtsov was taken into custody. Zakharchenko met with businessmen, received sums from them (which grew every year), registered real estate and companies that in reality belonged to Dmitry Zakharchenko to his closest relatives. One of these companies was ELLIPS LLC (“El”). It was created in 2012 (the beginning of the heyday of Zakharchenko’s activities), and its only founder was Marina Gennadievna Belevtsova, a close relative of Zakharchenko’s “right hand”. Viktor Belevtsov himself was initially listed as the general director of this structure, but then resigned from his position so as not to “shine.” In recent years, El LLC has received over 60 million rubles under government contracts, with most of these funds coming from the budget of the Moscow government. The most interesting thing is that a literally flurry of government contracts from the capital’s authorities hit Ellipse after Zakharchenko’s arrest, in 2017-2018. Contracts were often signed with Zakharchenko’s company as the only supplier. The extreme variety of services that Ellipse provided to the metropolitan authorities is quite surprising: ambulance services; loading and unloading operations; bus rental; car rental with driver, etc. Interesting fact. Government contracts with Zakharchenko’s structure were signed by city structures controlled mainly by Natalya Sergunina.

In addition, Zakharchenko and Stankevich were involved in a large channel (the first provided cover for law enforcement, the second was one of the co-organizers) for laundering gigantic sums stolen from the budget. Well, the highlight of this conversation is the mentioned Semenovich. One might think about the Year of Semenovich Nisanov, but he does not fit the age indicated by those talking. But Sergei Semenovich Sobyanin is quite suitable. provides a fragment of the conversation.

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Z: But nothing works out with these people, right?

S: With brothers? Valera met with them today. They just arrived. They were in America for two months.

Z: Yes? They live so well too, right?

S: Well, I don’t know, maybe because it’s good or because it’s bad, I don’t know, maybe they ran there for two months, I don’t know. But they just arrived. Valera is with them today.

Z: Or they were resting.

S: Maybe they were resting. He wrote that everything seemed to be fine. They must now bring something into the general picture. There’s something like twenty million rubles there, something like they cut down. Well, they seemed to promise to put it in the bank. I say: “Well, okay.” What, so...

Z: ...they made money, yes, they made money?

S: I think that their older brothers still chopped it up in the early nineties.

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Z: Well, these fools have it too.

S: They are advice notes... NP3 Belarusian. So why didn’t they chop it up? And this, as I understand it, is simply their task there to increase what they have. Because, as I understand it, his older brother gave him the contact when this... it’s also not just like that.

Z: ...yes, this is Sergunina.

S: Well, maybe they already did it themselves...

Z: Well, it’s Czech, they have this Czech there.

S: But what I just see is what’s there, who they’re communicating with. Well, where is it from? Otherwise Semyonovich would be there... He is sixty years old, and this one is thirty-five, yes. How would they have communicated differently there? Moreover, they have been there together for ten years. Well, miracles don’t happen. Well, now they will probably be tormenting the oil refineries. Because something is wrong now... Well, we’ll see next Wednesday. If they don’t rewrite anything, it’s probably time for them to get acquainted. And they say: “Well, everything seems to be fine. We are ready...” Well, I... My father-in-law asked. “Everything is generally great. Like they’re ready to sell for five.” - “Why for five?” - “Well, this is a normal price. We invested so much there. That’s so much profit." - “What profit? What are you, morons?

Z: Who wants to sell it for five?

S: Well, they want to sell it for five yards.

Z: Who?

S: The owners.

Z: Ah, owners.

S: The owners. I say: “Are you morons?”

Z: For example, for ten.

S: I say: “Are you morons? You need to pay off your debts and that’s it. And thank you to say that you, well, how to say, will be released in peace.” He says: “ICB is ready to discount the loan by fifty percent.” They had two and three yards, but there it’s like... They want one and a half already, but: “For a billion two hundred we can agree.” I say: “But you calculate this loan with a discount, you need to pay us off, there with other banks where you have collected, - I say, - if you give this offer, we will come, say. Well, it’s clear that people, yes, buy the MKB discount right away, there’s two hundred billion - that’s earnings.” Everyone understands that they have already bought... I’m not even saying that then the rate was 30, now it’s 80.

Z: Of course they will make money.

S: “That is, everyone understands, and they will buy this asset from you. But I understand that you want it there, that there is a way out, well, there are two hundred, three hundred million. Maybe ask for yourself there, yes. Well, this topic is clear, but the fact that you just want to make money there has two ends. Well, they’ll just tear you apart now, you fools, that’s all.” Life hangs by a thread, but they think about profit.

Z: And so they’ve already made money, as it were.

S: Hey, they make for a beautiful life. As far as I understand, they just screwed everything up. Well, some made money, some lost. Well, it doesn’t matter to us.

Z: But Churchill has money.

S: Well, Churchill, I think, is only losing with them. It worked earlier because...

Z: And Big Mouth?

S: Well, Big Mouth, well... They owe him something like 10 million, in my opinion, Big Mouth, rubles.

Z: Do you think they won’t give it back?

S: Yes, I think they will. They’re not going anywhere. The plant still needs to be started. Well, such an asset, it won’t rot, it’s not a potato. All the same, the owner will be there today or tomorrow. It’s clear that maybe they won’t pay them off right away, but there are papers, they’ll come and say: “Guys, come on, pay off something there in parts.”

Z: You can’t count on Big Mouth.

S: Well, I think now they will get to know the Czechs and will somehow be more accommodating. Now, in an amicable way, if the database is rewritten, you can give it another month, and then it’s all the same... I’m just too afraid with them - to put pressure on the sale, because my father-in-law is very unreliable. The fact that the father-in-law wants to sell does not mean that this oligarch wants to buy.

Z: We should meet, yes. There’s nothing to be done here.

S: No, I’m saying how to date? I say, I say to Churchill: “Bring a paper that we are ready to sell for such and such a price, and the power of attorney for negotiations is given to such and such a person alone. Because you have three shareholders and each has their own opinion.” Well, what about us now? We’ll also look like fools, they’ll come there and say: “Buy it!” And then one with some half a percent share will say: “Fuck you...”. Well, Churchill understood everything, he’s already kicking ass. I talked to him for a long time today. I told him: “Well, the Czechs have already returned.” He turned red and white; he really didn’t want to meet them.

Z: ...

S: Yes. Valera says this, when they arrived last Friday, he said... And he called him Viktorovich. Well, the one Lyosha, who...: “Viktorovich, well, I’m an honest person, I don’t run anywhere.” - “Where are you going to run with a broken leg.” “Why should I break my leg? Well, I’m here.” Yes,... like that. Only Viktorovich calls you, Viktorovich. M... rare. He invested six and a half million euros in the construction of a house in Crimea and didn’t finish it, what an idiot.

Z: ...

S: No, it wasn’t... There he swung. His own construction company built. Idiot.

Z: Yes, you can build a house in six and a half...

S: Well, there’s still land there, right on the mountainside, in the forest, well, it’s a wonderful place. No, I agree, if you have a billion, you have houses all over the world, why not build in Crimea. Great idea. This..., which draws from working capital... What do people even think about?

Z: Who will go there, to Crimea?

S: No, well, I say, if once a year someone spends a weekend there. For a billionaire, this is an absolutely normal story.

Z: Well, not in Crimea, I think, if a billionaire..

S: Well, maybe he’s a billionaire under sanctions.

Z: That’s why they will now build in Crimea. Or in Sochi somewhere.

S: Is it worth building in Crimea? It seems to me that Crimea is still there, no matter how many years it is there, it will still be returned. Well, there...

Z: Hey, why?

S: Well, how?

Z: Do you think he will return it?

S: Well, if Ramzan Akhmatovich is not the president, then I’m sure they will return it.

Z: Yes, but how will they return it?

S: Well, who needs hemorrhoids? Well, he came, a completely new person.

Z: No, he won’t give it back, it will already be a social explosion... What, for the people, a return is, well, you can’t imagine... his rating will be minus one.

S: For whom?

Z: Whatever. Return - no, they definitely won’t return it. They will pedal, set, let’s do something, somehow, but...

S: Well, they’ll make it some kind of neutral territory.

Z: They won’t be returned from Russia, why, because any person, even the most corrupt, understands that this, well... In Russia you can do everything: fight, steal there... but not return the land. To return is everything, the rank of a traitor at once. There’s so much money there now...

S: I don’t know.

Z: They won’t return it. Such is the law that it may not be needed... It is not needed. Even if we need it, because we have nowhere to go on vacation, sanctions are everywhere, only Crimea. If there were no sanctions, then you can travel safely.

S: Well, it seems to me that Russia has two development paths, I’m not talking about five years or ten, but generally in the long term. Or Muslimization, it will be some kind of Muslim country, yes. Well, after some, I don’t know, some decades. Either Americanization, well, or Europeanization, it doesn’t matter what the name is. Russia cannot simply be, well, how is it, on the wave of the Russian people, who are no longer left, who are drinking themselves to death, who are being diluted by Muslims and Chinese from the Far East? Well, I just don’t see it.

Z: Realistically, they don’t give birth very often.

S: Well, of course, these are ten people each, Chinese and Muslims. So what? Who will stay? How many Russians will there be in fifty years?

Z: They don’t give birth very often.

S: And if, accordingly, there is Muslimization, I agree that then Crimea will not be given up. And if there is Americanization, then it seems to me that they will even find a transitional figure.

Z: I think there will be no Americanization, because America doesn’t... need it. It’s easier for them to be third world there.

S: Well, then they should have some kind of satellite...

Z: Monkeys with monkeys.

S: Well, some kind of satellite. All the same, you have to go to someone, well, there, roughly speaking.

Z: Well, participate. If it doesn’t close and then doesn’t happen, as it did under the Union, but, unfortunately, it aggravated, with Europe the aggravation, we are wrong...

S: Well, you can level with Europe in three seconds.

Z: Yes, how many are they... These are monkeys... call, say... But with Europe, it’s more difficult there, the Jews are sitting there. The Germans, the British, the French or the Americans, everything... of course, America has become strong... there are these Rothschilds, Rockefellers. You know, you also need to invest in the election campaign, it’s the same there, well, no one does it... investments are there. I look at China, the Chinese are already investing in the election campaign there. They do it, well, indirectly. It’s clear that they are looping and looping, and that’s why China is just screwing around now. They let them live until the Chinese... and began to bully there.

S: Well, yes, and already claim some kind of leadership.

Z: There the Jews thought a little, these Rothschilds, Rockefellers probably met there, as if they were yellow-faced... And they began to be bullied, and I see, well, on the stock exchange their shares just sank there, that’s all. That is, the crisis ate the planet. Everything was painted. Everything is relative: the price of oil, the price of gold, how they will deliver... Iran was released with these sanctions, they also kept them there, well... The Cubans were released.

S: By the way, yesterday I spoke with Timur, a Kazakh, he just returned from Tehran. I say: “Wow!” He says: “Yes, I used to fly there often.” Now, when there are no sanctions, he says: “They all have the same opinion there, yes, that they opened them because they closed us, and Europe needs to feed somewhere.” In fact, this is a fairly large market comparable to ours. Eighty million people, quite undeveloped, who can... Well, just like ours were sold everything from Europe, all this, imported goods, all this shit. The flow will also go there now.

Z: Yes, they have a lot of money, the Iranians.

S: A lot, yes.

Z: So now they will buy all this...

S: We also had a lot of oil ones.

Z: Well done. The Europeans, of course, are now... Well, the Americans will rush in now.

S: Our, well, Russian companies, builders, they say, a lot of people have gone there now.

Z: Well, for Russia it’s a minus that Europe was closed. America may be far away, we won’t get there. And Europe, well...

S: It’s better to go to America directly with Mikhailovich as a shareholder of Novoye Vremya.

(S. laughs)

Z: And Google.

S: Yes. Well, he doesn’t take Google with him, well, he just gives him “New Time” on the road, equips him, so to speak.

Z: That bitch too, huh? Well, at least I would take it and look there... When will such an opportunity arise?!

S: Never.

Z: They won’t let me in there. He understands this...

S: Well, yes, yes.

Z: He said at the beginning, and then...

S: Well, it’s like Europe with the Third World. He wants like these natives - here I will give you glass beads, and you give me some gold.

Z: Well, this is for development, even if it’s just something to watch for development, so that...

S: Well, of course, it’s interesting.

Z: He also wants me to fly to New York with him. Are you crazy?

S: Moron.

Z: No, if he took me, I would of course fly with him to New York, like an honest person.

S: No. Well, okay. Right now they are all in San Francisco, right?

Z: I would, if I... My dream... I think they... went there.

S: Well, I see.

Z: You look at development, well, here it is, a world, a different world, a completely different level.

S: Learn something. This is interesting...

Z: Well, probably there, if you know English, you will immediately understand why they are there, look at how it is built, ask some questions. All. At least a general outlook. It’s clear that this is... Well, we’ll exchange some contacts there. You can correspond or there... They are still ahead.

S: Where he goes, they are simply 50 years ahead of the rest of the planet. What they are doing there is not even written in our science fiction books yet.

Z: Well, as I understand it, one of our oligarchs has already invested in this: either Google is not Google or in Facebook, at some beginning, VKontakte of some kind..

S: Usmanov invested in Uber, Milner invested, in my opinion...

Z: Wiener?

S: Milner. Milner is the one... These are our Internet users. They also invested somewhere, either in Google or Facebook. Milner, yes.

Z: Here they are, someone advised them, You will invest... That is, this is even far away. And Mikhalych, the brute, doesn’t take it. Well, that means he put half a yard in there. There won’t be any less there.

S: Yes, of course.

Z: If not even more. I think he and Garik put half a yard in there.

S: And Garik, I think, is probably slowly putting everything of his own there. As I understand it, he was a strong part of the Capital Group here, raised something, and probably lost something there. Well, it’s still there, where now? Should I invest in construction here? He’s not crazy.

Z: He was part of the Capital Group, right? Therefore, Mikhailovich’s house and...

S: Of course. And all this, of course, is the pool. He then put the yard there. They all kissed his hands and ran around.

Z: And now, I think, he just brought it out there...

S: And now everything he has here is for sale. That’s when he walked, they just say... Well, general acquaintances there told me, they say: “Garik just flew on wings, how he successfully entered.” And now I think the euphoria has already passed and, of course, then he pulled out something there, something now... But I think that he doesn’t want it anymore. And that’s probably all there is, I think he’s there for….

Z: Well, there’s probably a yard there... But if you invested a yard, then, of course, what can I say.

S: Yes.

Z: But he doesn’t want to take you, because...

S: So that I don’t warm my ears there.

Z: Well, I see. Why do you need to heat it? I just... want to go to Sochi... to Courchevel...