RFK Jr.'s Investment Move: $24,000 in GameStop Amid Meme Stock Revival

Politics / Thursday, 23 May 2024 17:08

In a bold move echoing solidarity with retail investors, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the unconventional contender in the 2024 presidential race, announced on Tuesday his investment of $24,000 in the meme stock GameStop. Stepping into the fray of Wall Street versus Main Street, Kennedy Jr. declared his support for what he termed the "Ape retail rebellion" and pledged to enact robust Wall Street reforms if elected.

My administration will support the Ape retail rebellion and enact aggressive Wall Street reforms," Kennedy Jr. affirmed in a social media proclamation. "To match action with words, I just invested $24,000 in GameStop.

The self-dubbed "apes," reclaiming a term initially coined by Wall Street to belittle retail investors as "dumb money," spearheaded remarkable surges in 2021 for GameStop and AMC Entertainment Holdings. Their fervor stemmed from a determination to challenge pessimistic forecasts by Wall Street analysts regarding the companies' futures.

The resurgence of meme stocks gained momentum recently following the reappearance of "Roaring Kitty," the figure central to the GameStop frenzy of 2021. Kennedy Jr.'s overt embrace of a fringe political identity holds potential appeal for anti-establishment meme stock investors still navigating political allegiances.

Yet, Kennedy Jr.'s financial disclosures have drawn scrutiny. Despite his previous denial of bitcoin investments in July 2023, financial records revealed holdings worth at least $100,000 in the cryptocurrency. Amidst questions surrounding his GameStop investment, Kennedy Jr.'s campaign remained silent in response to CNBC's inquiries.

Following Kennedy Jr.'s announcement, the Trump campaign made a strategic move, signaling its acceptance of cryptocurrency donations, aligning with investors critical of traditional financial systems.

Today’s announcement reflects President Trump’s commitment to an agenda that values freedom over socialistic government control," the Trump campaign affirmed in a statement, underscoring a bid for votes from a segment disenchanted with conventional politics.

In this volatile intersection of finance and politics, Kennedy Jr.'s investment in GameStop serves not only as a financial maneuver but as a symbolic gesture of alignment with grassroots movements challenging Wall Street orthodoxy. As the meme stock phenomenon continues to evolve, it underscores a broader societal shift towards decentralized power and a reevaluation of traditional institutions. With both Kennedy Jr. and the Trump campaign courting the support of anti-establishment investors, the convergence of finance, technology, and politics in the digital age heralds a new era of populism and disruption on the political landscape.