Salesforce Triumph: Dreamforce Secures San Francisco Stay with Mayor's Deal, CEO Announces

Tech / Wednesday, 08 November 2023 01:10

Salesforce Commits to San Francisco for Dreamforce 2024 Amid City Concerns

In a strategic move, Salesforce has officially declared that its annual Dreamforce conference, a cornerstone for customers and partners, will remain rooted in San Francisco for the year 2024. The decision comes on the heels of uncertainty earlier this year when CEO Marc Benioff hinted that Dreamforce 2023 might mark the end of the event's longstanding association with the city.

The retention of Dreamforce in its hometown is not merely a logistical choice but a commitment reinforced by an extensive agreement with the city. Salesforce, led by Benioff, aims to address and alleviate concerns related to homelessness, drug use, and theft—a narrative that has prompted other tech giants like Google and Oracle to relocate their events.

Benioff, communicating the company's stance to CNBC via text message, emphasized, "We signed an extensive agreement with the city that outlined the key pieces we knew we needed!" The event is slated to unfold from September 17 through September 19 in 2024. However, it's noteworthy that this commitment is in line with Salesforce's customary approach of communicating plans one year in advance.

Before affirming its stay in San Francisco, Salesforce sought assurances from the city regarding key factors such as an ample police presence and well-maintained sidewalks. The company, conscious of the importance of a safe and clean environment, took measured steps to ensure the viability of hosting Dreamforce in its hometown.

This year's Dreamforce, with approximately 40,000 attendees, showcased the city's capability to manage the event successfully, with clean sidewalks and an overall sense of safety. Despite a smaller crowd compared to 2019's mammoth 171,000 participants, the economic impact was substantial, with projections exceeding $89 million.

San Francisco Mayor London Breed expressed gratitude to Benioff in a Twitter post, asserting that San Francisco is now hailed as the "AI capital of the world." The city is home to prominent AI companies, including OpenAI, Adept AI, and Anthropic, the latter two featured prominently at this year's Dreamforce, demonstrating advanced AI capabilities.

While San Francisco has grappled with challenges such as drug overdoses and homelessness, the city's concerted efforts have seen a decline in accidental drug overdose deaths and a reduction in the homeless population. As Salesforce solidifies its commitment to San Francisco, the city's resilience and tech prowess take center stage, reinforcing its status as a thriving hub for innovation and industry-leading conferences.

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